Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tell American Crystal Sugar: We're Not Buying It. !

American Crystal Sugar Product Boycott

Dear Friends,

It's been more than 14 months since American Crystal Sugar locked 1,300 workers out in the cold – that's 14 months without a paycheck or healthcare coverage.

Today, working families throughout the country are launching a boycott of American Crystal Sugar products until the company ends the lockout and negotiates a fair contract. Will you join us?

Take the pledge to boycott American Crystal Sugar products.

American Crystal Sugar, the nation's largest sugar beet processor, earned record profits in 2011. The CEO netted a sweet $2.4 million in compensation, yet the company demanded outrageous cuts from its workers. When American Crystal Sugar's employees in Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota balked at the demands, they were locked out.

The company has taken extreme measures to maximize profits – no matter the cost to their workers – and we've had enough. No more sweetening profits for the top, while sacrificing good American jobs.

So we're making sure American Crystal Sugar gets the message that we aren't buying their excuses, and we're not buying their products until the lockout ends.

If we're serious about ending the lockout, we need as many people as possible to join our boycott. Add your name TODAY!

Executives at American Crystal Sugar are sitting on millions in profits, while brave employees have been sacrificing their livelihoods. And they're counting on us to mobilize everyone we know to back them up in their struggle against corporate greed.

American Crystal Sugar will continue to get away with the lockout if there's no public outcry. We've got to show them that consumers are outraged.

Join locked-out American Crystal Sugar workers in solidarity – Sign the boycott pledge NOW.

Thanks for all that you do for workers across the country,

Hilary, Liz, Jonathan, Ori, and the rest of the American Rights at Work team

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