Monday, October 22, 2012

“Lost a Warrior Today”


Our world lost a warrior
Just today
The bravest of fighter
For our native ways
Singer of the truth
Fight you nail and tooth
He’s with our ancestors
Beneath the Sacred Tree.

The winds lost a voice
That represented choice
Yet his spirit will visit
Let us all rejoice
As the struggle he fought for
Will carry on
I’m so damn sad
To know that he’s gone.

He stood for every tribe and nation
Swam to shores
To fight the indignation
Spoke the words
So many called obscene
My heart is weeping
For my brother…
Russell Means.

As the Great Spirit
Brings him home
Seven generations
Will smile, yet mourn
Father sky
Grandfather sun
Mother Earth
Grandmother moon….

Will wrap around his spirit
Take him in to their womb…

It was a bad day today
A sad one
Bad one
We lost a warrior today
I can’t wait to see him
Just to hear him say
Our world,
Lost a warrior today.

Our world of truth lost a man, a leader...and a warrior today. 

My heart, spirit and soul grieves for the loss, yet I rejoice that he is with our ancestors...

paving the road for all of us. He will be missed, yet those of us walking the Red Road, 

understand that he's not gone...just changed zip-codes. 

Much peace, love and respect for his people that he "temporarily" has left behind. 

Wado Russel.....

Utsati nvwatohiyadv ale gvgeyui!!! 

Nihi Tsalagi dinadanvtli (Your Cherokee brother)... Waya Wado....

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