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One of the most fascinating gifts of the Incan civilization was undoubtedly the introduce of the practice of “Ayni” or Effective Reciprocity as a dynamic development in their nation. The Ayni led them to suppress the hunger of their people, to give proper roof to the entire population which was estimated to be over 20 million at least, thanks to Ayni they created wonders that exist even today. Without the practice of Ayni as a humanist action, they had not gone far, unlike without Ayni they had been transformed into mere exploiters of their time generating social disaster. The Ayni led them to understand the dynamics of the Earth and the Cosmos in order to create their cosmology.

Among the contemporary peoples, one that has become the agent of most reciprocity, benevolent and generous contribution to many homeless and affected by natural disasters in the world is without doubt an important part of people from the United States of America - USA (I do not mean the other nations don’t, I mean the most); although they don’t want to believe this, every time there's a disaster somewhere, volunteer aid flows they generate, and in some measure contributes for the penalties not to be higher in those peoples affected. This done by important groups of people from USA is undoubtedly one of the most concrete practices of “Ayni.” The Ayni at the time of the formation of the USA nation had a very humanistic vision, and when the world judges the inhabitants called "gringo" from USA, they judge what the government does, and ends up confusing the inhabitant in this trial. I want to separate the positions, and under no circumstances take as example the USA government with its abusive politics in different parts of the world, but I take part of the inhabitants, who are the ones to be inter-relate with other people in the world.

With the inner guidance of Ayni, the populations from USA have created life forms that have been and remain the envy of the world. But obviously no society is perfect and sooner or later they all go as history has shown.

If the Ayni led the Incas to develop quality of life as well as the USA nation, if we carry this experience to the Q'ero tribes or any other of Peru, this experience of Ayni is not working, because they still live in misery and extreme difficult conditions, where the life of their own children succumb to diseases and hard life. Many Westerners do not understand that Ayni must lead to prosperity in all its aspects, and not just to be content in having a plate of potatoes as usually happens with the Q'ero people. We Westerners confuse simplicity from this people as Ayni, we confuse the ceremonies shared with them as Ayni without understanding that they were payed and will be willing to do what is asked. The best example of Ayni is Machu Picchu, where this sacred city can not under any circumstances be compared with the huts developed by the indigenous poor Q'ero. Remember, there is nothing against the Q'ero, but against us Westerners who used them to create dogmas and invasive religions which at the end will also affect themselves.

The curious thing is when tourists come to meet the Q'ero or other natives, these indigenous feel that the foreigns are coming to save them by offering some hope with their respective payments, and the tourists are waiting to be saved by these indigenous as they have been programmed for this purpose, in this way the game is set and you are certainly free to remain part of it.

Supporters of the proposal "munayki" created by Alberto Villoldo argue that he received "munayki" from the Q'ero elders. Which is very strange, is that apart from the Q'ero who are called to meet the tourists brought by Villoldo, the other Q’ero members know nothing about "munayki" as a rite of evolution. It is so controversial that the same Q'ero with name Francisco Chura when called to perform the rite "munayki", for which he has been taught over the years by Villoldo, performs the service "munayki" in two hours, and this rite or ceremony is based in the creation of a “despacho” and then move this “despacho” to different parts of the body of the visitor, like many indigenous do, this is a formula very similar among all of them. So Francisco Chura will say, this is it, you are now initiate.

The invitation is for the pilgrim go directly to any of the Q'ero tribes and see for themselves. Munayki is a Quechua word, and means "I love you" known by all; but none of the Q’ero members who have not had contact with Villoldo, know that this is the plot of the "9 munayki rites" to change their lives.

The argument that Villoldo has requested permission to the mentors of the jungle, the coast and the mountains of Peru, makes you wonder who these mentors are, and if many have died, then the plot is guaranteed because these same mentors can not confirm or deny that the arguments of Villoldo are real.

Obviously that has been woven for several years the plot "munayki," and to somehow justify a time of crisis, Villoldo has once again had the ability to separate this expression into two parts as follows "munay-ki," because if at some point this arbitrariness by him created reaches major confrontations, he will excuse that is not the whole word in Quechua, it is the composition of the word "munay-love" and "ki-energy" and if it's this, then definitely is not Inca, unless the word "munay."

Despite all this, giving to the already disappeared Q’ero mentors the authorship of "munayki," it does not convert this in Inca, as the Q'ero are one of the few thousand tribes in the Andes, where all have their particular way of expressing their religiosity, in most cases quite Catholic. The point is that there is no historical references or archaeological evidences for all this invention, so this does not fit in the history; but fits only in the stories created for Nunez del Prado in Cusco and belatedly adapted by Villoldo. The interesting thing is that neither Elizabeth Jenkins or Joan Parisi Wilcox as shown in their social sites match with Villoldo even if having the same source -the Nunez del Prado. Nor Juan Victor Nunez del Prado approves Villoldo creation, it shows their own divorces for the power of possession of few Q’ero families.
Once the church made many nations Victims, another time the church Judged them, and now we Westerners are becoming the ones to Rescue this indigenous groups?, this is a very arrogant position. Sure, the power of religion is what commands the life of our societies.

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