Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mitt Gets Worse: Log Cabin Republicans turn their back on LGBT

Mitt Gets Worse

Dear Friends,

Watch and ShareIt’s a surprise, and a slap in the face for our movement.

Today, the Log Cabin Republicans turned their back on LGBT equality and endorsed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan -- a last-minute betrayal that speaks volumes about the group’s reluctant support of this dangerous and regressive ticket.

In support of our community, Rep. Barney Frank recorded a video message about this betrayal and why it’s so dangerous for voters across the country.

Watch the video, then share it with everyone you know and ask them pledge to vote for equality in November.

Mitt Gets Worse supporters have been speaking out for months, asking Log Cabin Republicans to avoid a betrayal like this one.

But now that the damage is done, we have to take action and urge voters to see the Romney / Ryan ticket for what it is -- a devastating setback for LGBT equality.

Watch Rep. Frank’s heartfelt message, then share it with everyone you can and make sure that everyone who values LGBT equality remembers one thing on Election Day: Mitt Gets Worse.




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