Thursday, October 4, 2012

I hope that Mitt Romney does not take the belt from our CHAMPION ! [ comments from a Mexican friend of mine ]

I really don’t understand what the President’s game plan was for last night’s debate. Romney defended the rich with his teeth and fangs. His eyes looked diabolic; the man looked deranged. He talked about everything and nothing; he took everything out his chest not his brain.  

He wouldn’t give President Obama the chance to finish talking; he always had the last punch.  He said exactly what his followers wanted to hear and he defended them very well as I said; with his teeth and fangs. 

Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh must have been laughing. 

President Obama was looking at Romney shaking his head as in agreement, receiving all the punches and looking somber. 

He had a thousand  opportunities to defend the 47% but he chose not to

the punches were too hard and the behavior of his opponent too irrational. 

Romney looked like he had just drank one hundred red bulls, the man talked with no substance; “political rhetoric at its highest.” 

DIRTY POLITICS I call it; talk, talk, even if you don’t make any sense.

Just talk, because if you don’t talk, you will look like an idiot.

Last chance President Obama, closing statement:

“I will be the President for 100% of the people of this great nation; not only for those 53% to whom Mitt Romney came to represent and fight for tonight. 

I pledge to the American people that I will do everything in my power to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to reach the American dream and nobody is taken advantage of, especially from the one percent and that even the immigrants have a voice to be heard."

President Obama is the smartest man on earth, but he does not know how to be aggressive.

People are desperate and in these terrible economic times they wanted to see Mitt Romney’s blood all over the ring, but they didn’t.

For the good of the people of this great nation and “peace” throughout the world, I hope that Mitt Romney does not take the belt from our CHAMPION.

CNN called Romney’s performance “Masterful.”

I don’t want any surprises. Joe Biden has a lot to learn from last’s night debate that Little Dracula Paul Rayan, (draculita), is going for the jugular.

That is what vampires do and he surely looks like one.

From a humble Mexican who takes human rights seriously,

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