Friday, October 5, 2012

One Term More: a political parody ! [ based on the musical "Les Miserables"

"One Term More" - A Broadway Musical

I thought you might enjoy watching this short political, musical, parody of the song, One Day More, taken from the Musical Les Miserables based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo.  One Day More is one of the great songs from the Musical.  I'm not generally inclined toward musicals, except for Porgy & Bess, Lil Abner and The Music Man, but I saw Les Miserables outside of Chicago a few years ago when attending an American Association for Affirmative Action national board meeting.

If you have seen the Musical, Les Miserables, or may just be familiar with One Day More, you may have a greater appreciation for this parody.  Even if you haven't, you still may be able to relate to the political themes of the song.  Enjoy!


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