Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tell the FDA: Crushed beavers are not a "natural flavoring"


For years, the FDA has allowed companies to use "castoreum" to flavor ice cream and other foods. The problem? Castoreum is a fancy word for a compound from the crushed anal sacs of beavers.

Not only is this stuff disgusting and inhumane, it's kept totally secret. Under FDA rules, companies don't need to include castoreum on the ingredients list -- they can just call it "natural flavoring".

The FDA normally just hears from big business lobbyists, but if we all speak out, we can demand they adopt honest rules about this disgusting practice. That's why we need everyone to sign our petition to them!

PETITION TO THE FDA: Please stop allowing "castoreum" to be considered just another "natural flavor" and require food manufacturers to include it on the ingredients. Customers deserve to know when they're eating bizarre animal products.

That "vanilla" you ate may actually be crushed beaver anal glands -- demand truth in labeling from the FDA!
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