Thursday, October 11, 2012

U.S. Military Is Secretly Sent to Jordan to Help With Crisis in Syria !

U.S. Military Is Secretly Sent to Jordan to Help With Crisis in Syria --Officials from the Pentagon and Central Command declined to comment on the task force or its 'mission.' 10 Oct 2012 The United States military has secretly sent a task force of more than 150 planners and other specialists to Jordan to help the armed forces there handle a flood of Syrian refugees, prepare for the possibility that Syria will lose control of its [alleged] chemical weapons and be positioned should the turmoil in Syria expand into a wider conflict. The task force, which has been led by a senior American officer, is based at a Jordanian military training center built into an old rock quarry north of Amman. The American mission in Jordan quietly began this summer. In May, the United States organized a major training exercise, which was dubbed Eager Lion.

US troops operating in Jordan near Syria border 10 Oct 2012 US troops are operating in Jordan near the Syrian border in the biggest fixed deployment of American force in the region since the end of operations in Libya last year, officials have confirmed. The 150 troops are intended in the first instance to 'help' Jordan, a key but fragile US ally, deal with the influx of refugees from the fighting across the northern border. They are also preparing for any action that might be needed to secure Syria's [alleged] chemical weapons in the event of the Assad government losing control of them. But officials also told The New York Times that the possibility of a buffer zone in southern Syria, enforced by Jordanian troops with American logistical support, had also been discussed.

US terror drone strike kills 5 in NW Pakistan 10 Oct 2012 At least five people have been killed in Pakistan in a US assassination drone attack that targeted a compound in North Waziristan tribal region, security officials say. The attack took place in Hurmuz area, Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan tribal region, in the early hours of Wednesday. "Several US drones flew into the area before dawn and fired four missiles on a compound, killing five militants," a security official told AFP after the strike.

Media seek court-martial files in WikiLeaks case 10 Oct 2012 The U.S. military's highest court is hearing arguments on whether the public should have access to written records in the court-martial of an Army private charged with giving reams of classified information to the secret-sharing website WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange are among those represented by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights at the hearing Wednesday before the Court of Appeals for Armed Forces in Washington. They are seeking reversal of a lower court order denying them access to written motions, opinions and other records that are generally available in civilian courts.

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