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HAARP caused Japan earthquake !

Here are 7 videos on Youtube:








Time-lapse visualisation of the March 11, 2011 earthquake off the coast of Sendai, Japan and its aftershocks.
www.japanquakemap.com - Cached
Time-lapse visualisation of the March 11, 2011 earthquake off the coast of Sendai, Japan and its aftershocks.
www.japanquakemap.com - Cached
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If anybody on this list has any information re, the notice below, please respond directly to Dr. Arden Gifford as requested.  t. 

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I was able to see a circular disc like object with two bright lights underneath which was photographed ov'er Fukishima before it exploded. It suddenly disappeared in the clouds. I didn't have REAL PLAYER do a copy of the video.

The news was spread and the next day it was DEACTIVATED !!!

Why? Where did it come from? What relation did it have the nuclear explosions?
Why was just released now when the evacuation of 4 million Japanese is being conducted?

If anyone can find this video or follow up please REPLY or if you have downloaded a video of  it.

Arden Gifford MD
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Subject: DEACTIVATED: a video of the lighted object at Fukushima seconds before earthquake March 11, 2011
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Subject: DEACTIVATED: a video of the lighted object at Fukushima seconds before earthquake March 11, 2011

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ALERT...the CNN reporter Piers Morgan posted a request for someone to identify a ball of light that moved from underneath the Fukushima area immediately before the earthquake occurred.  The video was captured by satellite. I watched the video and agree that it was something significant...it was not 'natural'.

Today...the video is DEACTIVATED.

For the Record...I believe that there is enough evidence for an unfolding deadly government coverup for a deadly nuclear event that was caused by Man, and not Mother Nature...which has also created a crack in the earth's floor (i.e., article sent today from Pakalert).  I am also aware of other ongoing investigations that link the Fukushima disaster to nuclear devices.

The video of the light object must be reactivated, researched, and the perpetrators captured ....  Did anyone download that vide?

WARNING....their next target is the Madrid Fault, according to Ben Fulford (posted article below). 

READ the original post for details....                 

R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Science Reporter   


POSTED on April 17, 2011....DEACTIVATED

UFO Sighting Videotaped Over Japan Tsunami On March 11, 2011


Reported by Piers Morgan, CNN News

HAARP Caused Japan Earthquake : Benjamin Fulford
March 11, 2011

In his latest statement Benjamin Fulford had said,the Earthquake that had hit Japan originated in the New Mexico and Nevada, U.S. New Madrid fault line being the probable next target.

The horrific earthquake weapon HAARP (which can also cause spacequake) which attacked Japan on March 11, 2011 resulting in 10 meter long tsunamis along much of Japan’s coast line came from rogue elements of the U.S. government located in underground bases in New Mexico and Nevada.These are informations according to pentagon and CIA sources.

Most likely the next target will be the New Madrid fault line in the South- Midwestern United States, according to threats originating from the Nazi George Bush Senior faction of the U.S. government.

The United States is supposed to be an ally of Japan,and we demand that you immediately send men with tanks and guns to take these bases and arrest these genocidal rogues. You know who they are and you know where they are, you must act or your own people will be next.

HAARP activity prior to Japan Earthquake :

Down below is Benjamin Fulford 2008 video talking about HAARP:

Just lets remember the scenarios in last few year :

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami? and turn to some scientific backing: Ionospheric Precursors of Earthquakes; Recent Advances in Theory and Practical Applications.

According to Venezuelan President Haitian Earthquake was caused by HAARP Weapon as well.

In this document sent to the CFTC in 2008, it discusses the use of HAARP technologies by US contractors.

We have also reported here on UFO-Blogger that how last year Chinese HAARP caused deadly flood in Indian Leh, Ladakh Himalayan Region.

According to latest report published on BBC "NASA researchers say they have found a close link between "Electrical Disturbances On The Edge Of Our Atmosphere" (HAARP do the exact same-thing to our atmosphere) and impending quakes on the ground below.

It's an old saying that technology is just a tool, its all up to us how we would like to use it. Weather modification and HAARP are proper examples where we can use the technology to manipulate or alter to prevent hurricanes or tornadoes, from occurring; or causing beneficial weather, such as rainfall in an area experiencing drought; or of provoking damaging weather against an enemy or rival, as a tactic of military or economic warfare.

Even Hollywood have also produced few film on HAARP - View Here

USA Air force On Chemtrails and HAARP

According to United Nation modification in warfare has been banned but time to time we had seen how one country use weather modification as weapon against other.

But White House had already openly supports Chemtrails as a toll for weather modification.

According to Gen Gordon Sullivan, former Army chief of staff, “As we leap with technology into the 21st century, we will be able to see the enemy day or night, in any weather — and go after him relentlessly.”A global, precise, real-time, robust, systematic weather-modification capability would provide war-fighting CINCs with a powerful force multiplier to achieve military objectives. Since weather will be common to all possible futures, a weather-modification capability would be universally applicable and have utility across the entire spectrum of conflict. The capability of influencing the weather even on a small scale could change it from a force degrader to a force multiplier.

Down below are operational capabilities of WM Weapon according to Owning the weather in 2025 research paper presented to USA Air force.

Precipitation Enhancement Precipitation Avoidance
- Flood Lines of Communication - Maintain/Improve LOC
- Reduce PGM/Recce Effectiveness - Maintain Visibility
- Decrease Comfort Level/Morale - Maintain Comfort Level/Morale
Storm Enhancement Storm Modification
- Deny Operations - Choose Battlespace Environment
Precipitation Denial Space Weather
- Deny Fresh Water - Improve Communication Reliability
- Induce Drought - Intercept Enemy Transmissions
Space Weather - Revitalize Space Assets
- Disrupt Communications/Radar Fog and Cloud Generation
- Disable/Destroy Space Assets - Increase Concealment
Fog and Cloud Removal Fog and Cloud Removal
- Deny Concealment - Maintain Airfield Operations
- Increase Vulnerability to PGM/Recce - Enhance PGM Effectiveness
Detect Hostile Weather Activities Defend against Enemy Capabilities

HAARP has deleted its records from 2010-1-11 ?

A very unusual deletion can be observed in the archived data of HAARP instrument readings from the day before the Haiti earthquake. (Perhaps it is a matter of time until it will get fixed with a simple copy-paste operation, but I have made screen shots of it).

Set the date in “Chart Archives” below the today’s graph to 2001/Jan/11 in the window below the graph and see for your selves. It is the only instance of such an occurrence I have discovered by looking through other historical dates. Perhaps some other deletions have already been fixed, I can think of date like May 12th 2008 or December 26th 2004.

HAARP graphs are here:

Spectrum Monitor Waterfall Chart - HERE

HF Chart (1-30 Mhz) - HERE

VHF chart (100-200 MHz) - HERE

NCDXF Beacons (14.1 MHz) - HERE

NCDXF Beacons (18.11 MHz) - HERE

Also check patents related to HAARP to understand the technology of reversed piezoelectric effect in which earth can tremble when energy is applied to ionosphere. Scientific references will be underlining this further in this post:

The patents are from greater part owned by a LARGE defense contractor:


- US Patent 4686605 – Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere HERE

- US Patent 4999637 – Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth HERE

- US Patent 4712155 – Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma HERE

- US Patent 5777476 – Ground global tomography (CGT) using modulation of the ionospheric electrojets HERE

- US Patent Application 20070238252 – Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere HERE

US Patent 5068669 – Power beaming system HERE

US Patent 5041834 – Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted HERE

Scientific papers on HAARP :

Theoretical Model of Possible Disturbances in the Nighttime Mid-Latitude Ionospheric D Region over an Area of Strong-Earthquake Preparation (Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and Radio-Wave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Relationship between microseisms, geomagnetic activity and ionospheric absorption of radio waves (Geophysical Institute, Czechosl. Acad. Sci., Prague) - HERE

MODELING OF THE ACOUSTO-ELECTROMAGNETIC METHOD FOR IONOSPHERE MONITORING (Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) -HERE

Down below is Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura HAARP episode in which Jesse explore about HAARP dangers :

Update :



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