Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trail of Broken Promises Walk


Kansas: Students at Haskell Indian Nations University are walking to Washington, D. C. to save the Haskell wetlands.

The Trail of Broken Promises Walk began May 13. It follows the Potawatomi Trail of Death across Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, then heads east through Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland before ending in D.C.

Haskell's wetlands are important for the area's ecology. They are also historically important to the University and Native peoples because when Indian families visited Haskell students, they camped on these wetlands.

The Kansas Department of Transportation wants to destroy the wetlands to build a highway intersection.

Trail of Broken Promises Walk Schedule:

May 13 Shawnee


May 14 Buckner
May 15 Richmond
May 16 Carrollton
May 17 Rest/ end of five- day cycle, can be used to catch up
May 18 Keytesville
May 19 Moberly
y 20 Paris
May 21 Monroe City
May 22 Rest/ end of cycle
May 23 Quincy MO - Illinois


May 23 Quincy MO -
May 24 Liberty
May 25 Perry
May 26 Exeter
May 27 Rest/ end of cycle
28 Island Grove,
May 29 Springfield – guests of George Godfrey, Athens,
May 30 Niantic
May 31 Monticello
June 1 Rest/ end of cycle
June 2 Sidney
June 3 Danville


June 4 Williamsport
June 5 West Lafayette IN visit Purdue University
June 6 Lafayette
June 7 Rest/drive to Twin Lakes to visit Chief Menominee monument/ guests of Potawatomi
Trail of Death Association, Rochester IN
June 8 Kokomo
June 9 Fairmount
June 10 Muncie


June 11 Greenville
June 12, rest/end of cycle
June 13 Piqua
June 14 Buck Creek State Park, North Ridge
June 15 Batelle Darby Creek Park, Grove City
June 16 Columbus
June 17 Rest/end of cycle
June 18 Buckeye Lake
June 19 Dillon State Park, Newark
June 20 Cambridge
June 21 Egypt Valley Wilderness, Piedmont
June 22 Rest/end of cycle

West Virginia

June 23 Triadelphia


June 24 Washington
June 25 Ruffs Dale
June 26 Kooser State Park, Jefferson,
June 27 Rest/end of cycle
June 28 Shanksville
June 29 Schellsburg
June 30 Everett
July 1 Burnt Cabins
July 2 East Waterford
July 3 Landisburg
July 4 Carlisle Indian Boarding School PS
July 5 rest/ end of cycle
July 6 Gettysburg


July 7 Frederick
July 8 Gaithersburg

Washington DC

July 9

Millie Pepion, a student at Haskell, is in charge of fund-raising.
Haskell Indian Nations University Foundation,
Attn: Wetland Preservation Organization
155 Indian Avenue
Lawrence KS 66044.

Mary is also the contact person for any persons/groups interested in hosting walkers during the Trail of Broken Promises Walk.


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