Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thesis on the Kalasha Tribe of Pakistan


M. Phil thesis on the Kalasha tribe of Pakistan, the title of thesis is 'Cultural Transitions in the Kalasha Valleys (1947-2007)'.The abstract of thesis is as:


This study is to explore the origin and growth of cultural transitions in the Kalasha Valleys (Bumboret, Rumbor and Birir) particularly the Kalasha tribe which is one of the oldest civilization and culture in Pakistan.Kalasha tribe in the Kalasha Valleys is passing through a very critical phase of its transition. This transition is not only towards modernism but also cultural and religious landscape is changing quickly because its inhabitants are embracing Islam. The present author strongly feels that if ongoing process of conversion of the Kalasha inhabitants continues it may result in vanquishing of old religion and culture in the Kalasha tribe. Therefore this research focuses on the modern history of the Kalasha tribe during 1947 to 2007. It raises a number of questions regarding status of the Kalasha tribe in Pakistan in modern time.

The thesis contains four chapters:


  1. Historical Survey of the Kalasha (Ancient time to 2007)
  2. Kalasha Culture an Overview: Origin and Development (Before the Creation of Pakistan)
  3. Transition in the Kalasha Culture in Pakistan (1947 to 2007)
  4. The Implications of the Cultural Transition in the Kalasha Valleys for Pakistan 

Dedication I dedicate this research work to an unending love of my Mother & an unending struggle of my (Late) Father. (May His Soul Rest In Peace. Amen)


It was my mother who encouraged me for study. When I could not pass my Matriculation in 1994 (Math paper) and I was quitting my studies (considering that I could not sail through the Math paper), timely encouraging insistence from my Lovely Mother (A Kiss on your feet Mom) made me to reappear in the examination. With her prayers on my back coupled with my own hard strive I cruised through the matriculation examination, though securing only 40% marks yet it opened the door of social sciences for me. I did intermediate and graduation in history. Then I earned my Masters Degree in Pakistan Studies form University of the Punjab. I still remember my university days of my Masters Program. Sometimes when I recall the hardships of those days I could not stop my tears. It was when I was unable to pay the university dues. My dear mother (Love you Mom) in order to arrange my fees sold her gold ear-rings. In next semester she decided to sell Sony TV set (of 21``).

And I never disappointed my Mother; I secured first position in the Masters programme in University of the Punjab.After having Masters Degree from a reputed university I decided to take admission for the M.Phil in history. Meanwhile I got married and become a father of a son.  

I was still the poor son of my poor but proud mother who till then not only arranged my education dues but also took care of my wife and son.I was the first boy of the family who earned a Graduation Degree; university education was still the myth in my family. Despite my poor background financially and educationally I did what only .5 percent (point five percent) people achieve in my country, the M.phill degree. And it was all because of strenuous labor of my dear and noble mother her prayers and timely encouragement. In fact she had a dream to be a teacher in her life. But for certain reasons she could not, rather she devoted her life for me. Now Alhamdulilah, I am a faculty member of public sector university in Pakistan.


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