Monday, April 23, 2012

New Blogger CMS incompatible with the iPhone and iPad?

Dear Google, whose bright idea was it to make the new Blogger CMS incompatible with the iPhone and iPad?

UPDATE, POST BUMP: The good news is that since we raised the concern publicly in this post last night, Blogger did a last minute update overnight so that the iphone app now tells you which posts are draft and which are published.

The bad news is that the app doesn't show you any of your posts that are already scheduled to be posted, they're simply gone. So when you open the app - and mind you, the app is the ONLY way to mobile blog now that Blogger is requiring use of their CMS, a CMS that is not compatible with the iphone or ipad - you don't see any posts that are already scheduled.  So you don't know if something is set to go live or not, so you don't know if you need to post another post immediately to fill in a gap that may or may not exist.

In other words, Google's Blogger iphone app is totally useless. And Google has made it so that it's the only way you can now mobile blog on Blogger.

They've had this app live for months - MONTHS.  And no one at Blogger or Google figured out that the app simply doesn't show posts that are already scheduled?  Someone should be fired for this disaster.  It's embarrassing for any company.  For Google, a leader - the leader - in technology and Web, the debacle that is the new Blogger CMS is criminal.  I can't believe some software person actually built this, and that some boss at Google actually approved it.

And PS - who in 2012 designs a Web site that isn't compatible with the iPhone or the iPad?  And who in a position of leadership at Google approves something like this?

Blogger's new content management system no longer permits mobile blogging on the iPhone or iPad, the CMS simply doesn't work on the iPhone or iPad at all (at first it appears to work, then freezes, goes blank, etc.)

Because who would want to blog with their cell phone or with a tablet in 2012?

And Blogger's iPhone app is beyond rudimentary - you can't even schedule posts, hell you can't even un-publish a post you've accidentally published (nor does the app distinguish between posts in draft, posted scheduled to publish, or posts already published - you can't tell which is which, so you don't even know which post to publish).

I've just lost the ability to mobile blog at the beginning of two weeks of business travel.  And now need to desperately figure out how to move the blog over to WordPress asap.  Someone at Google should be fired for this.  They had months to fix this.  I told numerous people inside about this months ago, and I doubt I'm the only one who figured out the news CMS isn't compatible with the iPhone or iPad.  They knew the problems with the new system, and simply refused to fix them.

Then again, it is awfully coincidental that Google's new Blogger CMS doesn't work on Google's #1 Android competitor.

Do no evil, my ass.

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