Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next iPhone to Be Made of 'LiquidMetal', Arrive in October !

If the latest rumors are true, Apple's next iPhone will be available in October, according to Gene Munster, analyst for Piper Jaffray. Munster says the phone will have a redesigned body, and will run on 4G data networks such as LTE. Munster predicts the phone will be available in October based on a statement made yesterday by Qualcomm, which is currently having trouble meeting customer demand for its radio chips. Those chips would be used by Apple to connect the new iPhone to faster data networks. Apple released an LTE version of its iPad on both AT&T and Verizon.

Microsoft Posts Record Revenue -- but Xbox Is Slipping

Microsoft reported record revenues of $17.41 billion for the past quarter, but profits slipped 2.4% from the same period a year earlier, down from $5.23 billion to $5.11 billion.PC sales were sluggish due to the twin pressures of a hard-disk shortage brought on by flooding in parts of Asia and the ongoing shift from traditional computers to mobile devices such as tablets. Microsoft's tablet strategy won't be fully realized until the fall, when Windows tablets are expected to debut alongside the company's new PC operating system, Windows 8.Microsoft did take a hit in its Xbox division, with revenues dropping 16%, which Microsoft blames on a soft game console market.
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PinView Turns Your Facebook Timeline Into a Pinterest Board

Ever wished that long, scrolling Facebook Timeline was somehow easier to manage -- like, say, a Pinterest board?Brand new Facebook app PinView displays items from your News Feed, Timeline, friends list and multimedia pages as small panels, just like social bookmarking site Pinterest showcases images on Pinboards.The spiffy app launched Thursday with the mantra, "Browse Facebook like you browse Pinterest." Once you download the app, PinView opens up your News Feed in grid format. Buttons on the top right allow you to just view stuff from your Timeline, friends' profile photos, photos or videos.PinView's developers have ambitious goals for how to improve the app with new features -- such as the option to save favorite posts.
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Why Dyson Hasn't Made Its Own Roomba Robot -- Yet

Dyson may have branched out recently into fans and hand dryers, the company's name is synonymous with vacuum cleaners. On that score, its products are considered some of the most high-tech available. But there's one competitor that's arguably even more advanced: the Roomba.The little robot vacuum cleaner has gobbled up headlines (and market share) the past few years, and the company behind it, iRobot, has subsequently launched robots that scrub floors and clean gutters. But so far Dyson hasn't responded with a similar product.
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How 3 Mashable Readers Landed Jobs Via Social Media

At Mashable, we believe that our community is our biggest asset. We love it when you tell us your success stories. Part of our mission is to empower people through social and digital media. As Alyssa Milano wrote in her TIME 100 article on Pete Cashmore, Mashable "gives voice to millions who are trying to make their lives better through digital innovation." When digital innovation and real lives combine, that's where inspiration happens -- specifically, your inspiration. Here are three fantastic tales from our readers about how digital media helped each land a job or launch a career.Starting Up on Social Media DayLast year, Desiree Ford organized the Phoenix Social Media Day Meetup, an informal networking event for more than 500 people.
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Holographic Tupac Crashes 'Star Wars'

Tupac -- at least the holographic version -- seems to be everywhere these days, even in a galaxy far, far away.Still, it might be a good way to get some kids to appreciate Star Wars, which is going for on 35. Not that everyone would agree. One YouTube commenter notes with (we hope) tongue in cheek, "George Lucas has gone too far with these additions. Leave Star Wars alone!".
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How Social Media Will Change the Olympics

This year's Olympics are being branded by organizers as the world's "first social Games," and it's not hard to see why. Social media has narrowed the divide between athlete and fan over the past few years, with new and unexpected connections happening every day. That's why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched an online hub this week. Sixteen years after the Olympics first launched a dedicated website, the portal will offer a directory of verified accounts, gamification rewards for active fans and exclusive content.
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Black Boxes Will Likely Be Required in New Cars by 2015

A bill recently passed in the U.S. Senate and expected to be approved by the House would require all new cars sold in the U.S. to contain a black box like those used in airplanes. The devices are intended to be used by emergency medical workers in case of an accident, but this requirement has some worrying that the addition could be too much like Big Brother. The Senate Bill 1813 titled, ""Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act," stipulates that the data recorders must be installed in all new cars starting in 2015.
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Meme-Inspired Movie Posters Now for Sale

The movie posters starring viral Internet sensations that we introduced to you in February are now yours to own.London-based designer Stefan van Zoggel has put five of the 29 meme-inspired posters (see gallery below) on the market. The 23-by-33-inch posters for these memes each cost €40 ($52), shipping included: Nyan Cat, Leave Britney Alone, Fenton, Trololo and Paul the Octopus."I received a lot of tweets from people who really wanted one or more posters for their office, living room and what not," van Zoggel told Mashable.
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10 Google Bombs That Will Live in Infamy

What does it mean to "Google bomb" something -- or someone? For starters, a Google bomb isn't as sudden and life-threatening as it sounds. Some of these bombs can actually take months to execute. And there are several kinds of Google bomb. The most well-known tactic involves linking a specific term to a specific site as many times as possible all over the Internet. For instance, say you had a completely irrational hatred for man sandals (true story), and you were making it your life's mission to tarnish the "mandal" industry.
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Create a Stop-Motion Masterpiece With 'Lego Super Hero Movie Maker'

Building block giant Lego has released a new iOS app that allows you to create your own stop-motion videos using your iPhone. Called Lego Super Hero Movie Maker, the app lets you bring your blocks to life through a short video and even add tunes to your creation.Designed to be used with Lego's DC Universe Super Heroes blocks, the app lets you plan, create, and shoot the next big summer blockbuster on your smartphone. Creating videos simply entails setting up your smartphone and blocks and snapping a shot.
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Want to Reserve One of Nike's Hot New Shoes? You'll Have to Tweet for It

Like Apple, new product releases from Nike generate a lot of hype among fans. Customers will line up in front of a Nike store for days ahead of a midnight shoe release. Sometimes, the police are called in. Such launches can drive a lot of valuable press for Nike -- and cause a lot of headaches for store managers and shoppers alike.As a consequence, Nike has developed a new RSVP system that promises to both generate buzz -- of the Twitter variety -- and instill order. On designated "RSVP dates," individual U.S.
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