Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Terrorists of the World !

Open letter to International Tibetan Communities and Supporters!

Please listen to me my dear Tibetan friends and Tibetan supporters in the world:


It's been a model for long time, that you go to protest and demonstrate after the Chinese communist government applied evil actions. After CCP did bad things and you go to protest, again and again. They bite people, you go to shout; they bite again, you shout again, they bite more, you could not stop them.What have your reaction had been changed? Nothing!


How many Tibetan to go self-immolated is enough for sacrifice? How long to wait is enough time for waiting? How loud to shout is your enough shouting?


Since the uprising in Tibet in 1959, 53 years now. Free Tibet is a slogan, not a solution. Free China is a solution. Once China get freed from CCP, Tibetan would retake every freedom that they were born to have.I here to guarantee you, with your witness here by today: Once Chinese have real freedom, Tibetan will have equal freedom to enjoy as much as possible!


Enough is enough!

Please come to support a real revolution in China, overthrow the evil communist regime in China! All problems would be solved immediately!Let's work together, make a solution, solve the problem, not only shouting in front of Chinese communist party's embassy!Contact me now, tell me what you can offer and work for free China. When you think of this, you are hero already!


For a free China, for a free Tibet!



HengGang Wang

Founder of Anti CCP International

Website: www.anticcp.org

Facebook Page:



Terrorist of the world: Jintao Hu is next one to be killed! Let's wait and see!

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