Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cenk Uygur Blasts Wolf Blitzer for Forcing Hilary Rosen to Apologize to Ann Romney... Again !!


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Cenk and his panel -- Michael Shure, Ana Kasparian and Stephanie Miller -- tear into CNN's Wolf Blitzer for bullying Hilary Rosen into apologizing to Ann Romney for a second time after she'd already apologized to her earlier that same day.

They also weighed in on whether the Obama administration surrogates were too quick to throw Rosen under the bus or whether they should have stood up for her and the point she was trying to make. And they discussed The Catholic League's Bill Donahue and his disgusting attack on Rosen which we covered at this site, but has been completely ignored by the rest of the media. I did not see any other show cover it other than The Young Turks here.

They also brought up the woman who called into Stephanie Miller's show earlier that day who claimed to be Ann Romney's nanny and who told Miller that Hilary Rosen was right about Ann Romney never having worked a day in her life. They thought she might have sounded legit but there's been no confirmation that the woman that called in ever actually worked for Ann Romney. While I don't doubt that may very well be the case since she grew up rich and married a rich man, I don't know how her childhood nanny would be qualified to weigh in on whether she ever "worked" or not as an adult.

I think the one thing we can be sure of is that she lived in households that were wealthy enough to afford domestic help both as a child and as an adult, which is not the type of lifestyle most typical Americans have experienced, and the point that ought to be driven home if Mitt Romney wants to continue to hold his wife out there as some representative of average American women and their concerns.

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