Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A House Blessing Prayer / Wiccan Feng Shui

Touch the lintel and touch the wall, 
Nothing but blessings here befall! 
Bless the candle that stands by itself, 
Bless the book on the mantle shelf, 
Bless the pillow for the tired head, 
Bless the hearth and the light shed. 
Friends who tarry here, let them know 
A three fold blessing before they go. 
Sleep for weariness - peace for sorrow 
Faith in yesterday and tomorrow. 
Lintel and windows, sill and wall, 
Nothing but good, this place befall.

Wiccan Feng Shui

Similar to Chinese Feng Shui, the Wiccan way is the harmony of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The balance of these four elements in your home will give you a good balanced life. Your home is your base or foundation, a place to rest and recharge -- and if the energy there is chaotic, then you will gain nothing by being in it. However, if the energy is in balance, healing and clear, you will flourish in it.

The Bedroom

This room should contain all four of the elements as this is place you will do most of your renewing - during sleep and rest. Always have a growing plant in your bedroom (for Earth). A cyclamen will give your bedroom an added layer of protection. Roses, pansies, and peonies will give the emotion of love to the room. Flowers in glass combine the elements of water, fire and earth. Open a window for at least a half hour each day to connect to Air. Air is the element that carries our hopes, wishes and prayers to the Universe or the Source, so it vital to renew that element daily. Mirrors will bounce negative thoughts from the room and good thoughts towards you.

Candles are a must -- red for love and passion, pink for harmony. Lavender is relaxing and you can use it in sachets, sprays of lavender hanging from the bedpost, or in an oil diffuser. For romance, the best fragrances are honeysuckle, jasmine or vanilla.

The Hearth (or Living Room)

Your living room is the soul of your home. If you have a fireplace, adorn in with fresh flowers, potted plants and candles. If you don't, create one by placing candles beneath a painting of a hearth or cluster different sized candles together to form a "hearth". Place a small mirror so it reflects the glow of your fireplace or candle flame in it. Herb fragrances like cedar and rosewood can clear your head and attract positive spirits. Plants are very important for this room, as they symbolically oxygenate the room, bringing in the element of both Earth and Air. Plants with blue flowers, plus red or pink, and white or golden yellow flowers will bring stability, insight and love to your hearth room. Velvet pillows and soft, warm throws invite you to relax, unwind and loosen up. They slow you down and allow you to recharge. Music is wonderful for a hearth room, but never strident or ugly sounds. Listen to soft music, not hard rock to relax.

The Kitchen

Kitchens are the place to offer hospitality and nourishment. Magic is created through your food and the act of giving. Always have at least one growing herb in your kitchen to symbolize growing health.

When you cook, think about goodness going into the food and about the joy that your food will give when it is consumed. Never cook when you are sad or angry as those negative feelings will become part of the food. Bright yellow candles and yellow flowers will give the kitchen a joyful feel.

The Study

The study or office is a place for serious thought and mental stability. Decorate it with small books tied with ribbons to celebrate knowledge and symbolize all there is available to learn. A dish of water will add moisture to the air and bring in the element of Water. If you have computers and other electronic equipment in your study, balance their energy with plants, goldfish and photos of people you love. Grow a luxury plant (like an orchid) and push a coin into the soil to bring you good fortune to your work.

For your entire home....

Mirrors placed near your front entrance (or on the outside of your door) will reflect back negative thoughts and spirits and bless those who enter your home with love. Your bathroom mirror should be ornate and beautiful, so that you feel beautiful looking into it.

Candles should be in every room. They are your link to the past, the present and the future. They sent your hopes to the Universe and your dreams to fruition. A gifted candle is special so give candles to your friends and treasure those received in return. Scent your home with lavender and other healing fragrances.

Above all, keep your home clear of negativity by burning sage when needed. Protect your home by sprinkling a mixture of 50/50 dried basil and salt around the outside perimeter of your home to prevent negative entities from entering. Put a Celtic cross on your door. A Celtic cross is simply two twigs of equal length and tied together to form an "x" with red thread or ribbon in the center. Say a prayer asking for blessings and protection and hang it on the doors going to the outside. You can also make one for your car.

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